Graphite Products


Natural Flake Graphite is produced from the natural ore mainly excavated in Shandong, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia through floatation process. It has excellent conductivity and lubrication properties and is highly resistant to oxidation and chemical agents.

Expendable Graphite is manufactured by treating highly crystalline natural flake graphite with a mixture of sulfuric acid and certain other oxidizing agents which aid in “catalysis“ of the sulfate intercalation.

Natural Flake Graphite

Fixed Carbon: from 75%min. to 99.99%min.
Grain Size (mesh): +32, +50,+80,+100,+150,-100,-200,-325 to -5000

Expandable Graphite

Fixed Carbon: from 75%min. to 99%min.
Grain Size (mesh): +32,+50,+80,+100,+150
Expansion Rate (ml/g) : 150 to 400

Graphite Electrode

Regular voltage, high voltage, super high voltage
Diameter (mm) : 350,400,450,500,550mm

Packing: 1000kg big bag/25kg bag/pallets or as required by customers